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25th Anniversary


The Charter (1974) Members of the Georgetown Theatre Workshop

Sue Clohecy
Carol Dispenza
Lou Dispenza
Robert Griffin
Nancy Griffin
Elaine Kimball
Steve Kimball
Audrey Magown
Georgianna Nelson
Harold Nelson
Mary Outram

Brief History

The Georgetown Theatre Workshop (GTW) is a non-profit amateur theatre group, founded by the above members in 1974. A charter was signed on May 9, 1975.  GTW performed in the old Grange Hall in Georgetown   from 1975 until Spring 2013.

The building where Georgetown Theatre Workshop held most of their plays was sold in 2013. The home for Georgetown Theatre Workshop became at Sparhawk School, Upper School196 Main Street, Amesbury, MA. The inaugural performance was Greater Tunaby Jaston Williams, Ed Howard, Joe Sears, Spring 2013.  The first season at Sparhawk School was 2013-2014.  

Georgetown Theatre Workshop moved back to Georgetown for the 2015-2016 season.  The home for GTW is now Perley School at 51 North Street in Georgetown.    

The mission of the Georgetown Theatre Workshop is to introduce people to live stage performance. Programs: Presents plays, holds seminars and educational programs for the public. The public is welcome to attend the play productions, for a nominal charge.

The G.T.W. produces 3 plays a year. In the past, performances have included a Children’s Theatre Workshop and a Dinner Theatre.

For a history of shows, please scroll down.

Year Month/Day Venue Play
1974 Sept. 14-15 Bertha the Beautiful Typewriter Girl by Charles George
Produced by arrangement with Baker’s Plays
           1975 (Aug. 4-5) Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick by Beale Cormack Produced by arrangement with Samuel French
1976 (Jan.+Mar. Geordano’s) Meanwhile Back on the Couch
1976 (June) Seven Keys to Baldpate
1976 (Nov.) Deadwood Dick or a Game of Gold
1977 (Feb.) Lovers and Other Strangers
1977 (Mar.) Who Needs a Waltz
1977 (May.) Done to Death
1977 (Nov.) Frankenstein
1978 (Feb.) God’s Favorite
1978 (Nov.)Bedfd Vet Hosp.) Egad the Woman in White
1978 (May-June.) The Good Doctor
1979 (Mar.) Night of January 16th
1979 (Mar. Waste water Lawrence Plant Lovers and other Strangers
1979 (Apr.St. Theresa’s, Methuen Lovers and other Strangers
1979 (May.) You Can’t Take It with you
1979 (Apr.) Egad The Woman in White
1979 (Nov.) The Mouse Trap
1980 (Feb.) Plaza Suite
1980 (May.) Never Too Late
1980 (Mar. Giordano’s) Plaza Suite
1980 (Apr. St. Theresa’s, Methuen The Mouse Trap
1980 (Nov.) Lo and Behold
1981 (Mar.) Bus Stop
1981 (Apr.) Plaza Suite
1981 (May) You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running
1981 May. Lawrence Girl Scouts Plaza Suite
1981 (Oct. Geordano’s) You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running
1981 (Nov.) No Sex Please We’re British
1982 (Jan.) No Sex Please We’re British
1982 (Mar.) 40 Carats
1982 (Apr. St. Theresa’s) 40 Carats
1982 (May.) Vaudeville Revue
1982 (July Lempster NH) Plaza Suite
1982 (Nov. ) George Washington Slept Here
1983 (Mar.) Ten Little Indians
1983 (May) Picnic
1983 (Nov.) Pleasant Street Revue: 10th Anniversary
1984 (Mar.) California Suite
1984 (May) Deadwood Dick or a Game of Gold
1984 (Nov.) To Grandmother’s House
1985 (Mar.) Death Trap
1985 (May) Harvey
1985 (Aug.Lempster NH) Harvey
1985 (Oct.) An Evening with Mark Twain
1985 (Nov.) Subject to Change
1986 Mar Moments to Remember (Musical Review)
1986 May Lover and Other Strangers
1986 Nov The Hollow
1987 Mar The Matchmaker
1987 Nov Fools
1988 May Witness for the Prosecution
1988 Nov Habeus Corpus
1989 May The Man Who Came to Dinner
1989 Aug The Man Who Came to Dinner
1989 Nov Arsenic and Old Lace
1990 Feb No Mother to Guide Her
1990 Apr-May I’ve Heard That Song Before (Musical Review)
1990 Sept., Newport, NH Arsenic and Old Lace  (“I’m leaving!”)
1991 May On Golden Pond
1991 Nov Cactus Flower
1991 Mar Alone Together
1992 Nov Broadway Bound
1992 Apr-May Jury Room
1993 Feb Murder at the Vicarage
1993 Nov Rumors
1993 May I Hate Hamlet
1994 May Play On
1994 Mar Angel Street
1994 Nov They Came Two by Two
1995 Mar Crimes of the Heart
1995 Nov 13 Past Midnight
1995 May No Sex Please We’re British
1996 Mar Steel Magnolias
1996 Nov Seven Keys to Balpate
1996 May California Suite
1997 Feb Social Security
1997 May Never Get Smart with an Angel
1997 Nov All Because of Agatha
1998 May God’s Favorite
1998 Mar The Night Is My Enemy
1998 Nov Silver Anniversary Review
1999 May What’s Blak and Wite and Red All Over?
2000 Mar Return Engagements
2000 May Who Dunnit?
2000 Nov The Curious Savage
2001 Mar Death in England
2001 May The Sisters Rosensweig
2001 Nov Jack the Ripper: Monster of Whitechapel
2002 Mar The Uninvited
2002 May Harvey
2002 Nov The Picture That Was Turned to the Wall or She…Day
2003 Mar Breaking Legs
2003 May You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running
2003 Nov Fools
2004 Nov Three Bags Full
2004 Mar The Champagne Charlie Stakes
2004 May The Unexpected Guest
2005 Nov The Amorous Ambassador
2005 Mar The Orphans
2005 May Jitters
2006 Mar Anybody for Murder
2006 May Barbecuing Hamlet
2006 Nov The Fall of the House of Usher
2007 May Deadly Deal
2007 Nov The Sensuous Senator
2008 Mar Fridays
2008 May Cheating Cheaters
2008 Nov Sandbag, Stage Left or One Dead Dolly
2009 Feb Love Letters
2009 May There’s a Burglar in my Bed
2009 Sep It Runs in the Family
2010 Feb Poison Pen Letters
2010 Mar The Good Doctor
2010 May Seniors of the Sahara
2010 Sep Death Comes in Threes
2011 Feb Razzle Dazzle Radio
2011 May The Mouse Trap
2011 Nov A Little Murder Never Hurt anybody
2012 Mar Poison Pen Letters,  Lou Dispenza, author
2012 May Deval Divas
2012 Sep Beautiful Bertha, the Typewriter Girl
2013 Feb Almost, Maine
2013 May Greater Tuna at Sparhawk School Theater, Amesbury
2013 Nov In-laws, Outlaws, and Other People (Thast Should Be Shot)
2014 Mar Chamber Music
2014 May Arsenic and Old Lace


The 1974-1975 Season

September 13 and 14, 1974

Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick by Walter Benjamin Hare
August 4 and 5, 1975


The 2008-2009 Season

There’s a Burglar in My Bed by Michael Parker


The 2010-2011 Season

The 2011-2012 Season

A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody by Ron Bernas

Poison Pen Letters by Lou Dispenza

Deval Divas by Barbara Pease Weber

The 2012-2013 Season

Bertha the Beautiful Typewriter Girl by Charles George
Produced by arrangement with Baker’s Plays on produced on Friday, November 12th, Saturday, November 13th, Thursday, November 14th, Friday, November 19th, and Saturday, November 20th

Almost, Maine by John Cariani
Produced by